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Who We Are

Welcome to Phillips Arms Co. We are a small business consisting of a husband a wife duo taking on the holster industry for the simple and essential everyday carry options. 


All of our holsters, utilize .080 Kydex to give a small profile with robust strength. Our holsters are hand-pressed using vacuum or pressure technology to provide maximum definition and retention while also accomplishing a fit that will not wreck the finish on your firearm. We use injection molded attachments. Our IWB line uses 1.5-inch clips and we can provide 1.75 clips if needed. For our OWB line, we use a multi-fit injection molded loop that will hold the firearm close to the body and in position. The tapered loop allows for use with belts from 1.5 to 2 inches without modification. Retention is set on the trigger guard for our non-light-bearing holsters. On light-bearing models, we fix retention on the light itself. 

All of our holsters are model-specific. If you have any add-on parts like lights or lasers, you will need to purchase a holster that will work for your specific weapon and light/ laser combinations. If in doubt, please ask. 


We do our best to do our part for our environment. We do not use any type of plastic packaging. Your holster will arrive in a padded mailer. No tags, no plastic box to cut and throw away. 


Thanks for checking out Phillips Arms Co. 

We look forward to earning your trust and your business.

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