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Kydex OWB holster for Glock 48 and 48 MOS

Kydex OWB holster for Glock 48 and 48 MOS

Phillipsarmsco sells brand new handmade in America holsters manufactured by us for you. Our holsters are handcrafted and quality checked prior to shipping to you. The goal of Phillips Arms Co. is to give you a holster with quality definition while providing you with the needed retention at a reasonable price. Retention has no true scale. We set all of our holster to a standard that will allow the holster to be held upside down with a loaded weapon and the weapon stay in the holster. We use rubber spacers on all of our IWB holsters to allow the end user to increase or decrease retention on the holster.

All of our holsters are made with high quality .080 kydex that is heated only once and press folded to fit your weapon system. All holsters listed are black in color unless specified different in the title. We use only first quality materials. The hardware used on our holsters is steel to ensure long life and consistent fit.

We manufacture multiple holsters. For non light bearing holsters, retention is set on the trigger guard. For light bearing holsters, the light itself is where retention points are set. If you purchase a holster for a light bearing weapon then you must have the light attached or there will not be sufficient retention. If you have any add on attachments to your weapon such as lights or lasers not listed in our auction then the holster will not fit.

For our IWB holsters we use a 1.5 inch injection molded nylon clip. The clip is slotted and a multi hole pattern is used to allow for adjustment from 0-30 degrees. If you are in need of a 1.75 clip we usually have them in stock but you will need to email us prior to ordering to ensure we can complete your order.

For our OWB holsters we use a multi fit injection molded nylon belt loop. The tapered design allows for use with belts from 1.5 to 2 inches without changing anything.

We have the ability to manufacture any holster in left hand configuration upon request. If you are requesting a change from the listed holster please contact us in advance to see about wait time and ability to complete your request. If you order a holster and ask for modification in the message center at checkout without contacting us first your order will be cancelled. Our timeframe to ship begins when your order is submitted and we must ship the following day.

Check out our feedback.

We make mistakes and sadly we don’t delivery the holsters. We have customers who give negative feedback for damage caused during shipping without ever contacting us with an issue. We want to make your purchase right, however we need our buyers to be patient and allow us an opportunity to make things right. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We strive to ensure you are happy with your purchase. However, we reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee on all returns that result out of buyers failure to understand the listing. We ask that you please read the entire description and that your weapon and accessories match our listing exactly. If you are not certain if your firearm matches the listing please contact us first to verify. We only need a picture of your weapon. If you are requesting a return please include a photo of your weapon. For issues that are our fault buyers will receive a 100% refund. Because we pay for shipping and are required to refund your full purchase price on a return we set a 25% return fee when the buyer is at fault to reduce our losses. Thank you for checking out our holsters.

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