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Kydex IWB holster for Sig Sauer p320 full-size

Kydex IWB holster for Sig Sauer p320 full-size

Please read the title of the listing for weapon systems that fit this specific holster. All of our holsters are proprietary and will only work for the listed system. If you have add on accessories or a different light or laser than the one listed our holster will not fit. 
We are proud to offer our holsters on Amazon. We manufacture Kydex holsters in house and each one is handmade. We only use .080 Kydex and hand form all of our holsters to fit with maximum retention and definition. Our IWB holsters are slightly oversized to relieve slide contact and reduce wear markings. If the holster is test fitted it should be checked in a mounted position as shown in the photos. When the holster is in position on the body there is an increase in side pressure and the fit of the weapon system will change. If checked off the body the weapon may have movement in the holster. If we fit the holster to the firearm without wiggle room the holster would create significant pressure on the slide when worn and increase wear on the firearm. 
Our IWB holsters utilize rubber spacers that allow for an increase of decrease of retention using a Phillips head screwdriver. Our clip is injection molded and fits a 1.5 inch belt. The clip has a two hole adjustment that allows the holster to be worn in a vertical position or a forward cant position of approx 20 degrees. All of our hardware is steel for life long use. 
In an effort to reduce cost and waste, we send the holster in a bubble mailer. There is no fancy packaging that will need to be thrown away. The only thing you will receive in the mail is the holster and a mailing envelope. We ship all items USPS First Class mail. 
Thank you for checking out our items and if you would like to see our feedback you can look us up on Etsy and eBay under the username Phillipsarmsco. 
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